Uninc World

Here, artists, dreamers, and change-makers work together to build worlds that reflect their passions and aspirations.

In this alternate reality, you are uniquely qualified to craft something extraordinary – a world shaped by your imagination and fueled by your heart.

Envision Your World

Kickstart your imagination. Define your world's essence—its theme, rules, and scope. Learn how AI can spark ideas and bring your vision into sharper focus.

Craft Your Details

Dive deep into the specifics. Create characters, landscapes, and cultures with the help of AI, adding depth and color to every corner of your world.

Bring It to Life

Weave your world's elements into a compelling narrative. Use AI to refine your story, ensuring consistency and richness in your creation.

Your Toolkit for World Creation

Uninc is more than a studio; it's a gateway to new realms of possibility. Here's how we equip you on your quest:

The Un.Incubator (1 Uninc Coin)


One time payment

Collaborative Group Coaching

Engage in an inspiring group coaching environment where you collaborate with fellow creators. 

Guided by Lean Canvas Curriculum

Navigate your creative process with our structured Lean Canvas curriculum. 

Interactive Live Sessions

Experience the dynamism of live meetings where you can interact in real-time with peers, mentors, and experts. 

Personalized One-on-One Coaching

In addition to group sessions, you have access to one-on-one coaching tailored to your specific needs. 

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Creator Coaching


3 payments of $198

One-on-One Dedicated Coaching

Receive undivided attention with one-on-one coaching sessions tailored specifically to your creative needs.

Hands-On Assistance with AI Tools

Delve into the world of AI with expert guidance. We don’t just advise; we actively work with you using cutting-edge AI tools.

Flexible Scheduling

Your creativity doesn’t follow a strict schedule, and neither do we. Schedule sessions at your own pace.

Accelerated Progress

With one-on-one coaching, your progress is rapid and targeted. The undivided attention you receive ensures that each session is highly productive.

Start building today

Uninc Studio


$100 per hour, 50 hours minimum

Comprehensive World-Building Service

Experience the luxury of having a team dedicated to building your world from the ground up. 

Product and Service Launch Integration

Extend the reach of your world with our ability to build and launch products and services within it.

Brand Integration and Customized World Plans

Have a brand or business already? We excel at weaving your existing identity into the fabric of the new world. 

Expert Team

Our team of skilled designers and project managers is equipped to handle expansive projects, adapting as your world grows. 

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Connect and Create: A World-Building Adventure

Join a vibrant community of creators, each weaving their own incredible world. It's a meta journey of shared creativity – your world might just intersect with another's in the most unexpected ways.

Since 2016, Uninc has collaborated with over 200 creators, from non-profits and social impact ventures to artists, to launch diverse and meaningful ventures.

Our expertise now culminates in a limited series of classes, offering unique insights and opportunities for growth. With limited seats available, this is your chance to be part of a creative and impactful journey. Secure your spot now and join us in shaping the future of creativity and social change.

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Next World-Building Class

This event is not just a class; it's a portal to a realm where each person is can create worlds filled with wonder, meaning, and impact.

Guided by the gentle whispers of the awakening Uninc Voice, you'll explore the depths of your creativity, harnessing the power of collaborative storytelling and AI.








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